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Website design and Joomla! content management system (CMS) development in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.
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The design itself is great. It's very clean and I like it. My wife and one of my colleagues thought the shirt/badge metaphor was a spot on description of me and my work. And my kids think it’s very cool. So, you nailed this one!

LifePath (formerly Franklin County Home Care Corporation), posizionamento sui motori

LifePath, formerly Franklin County Home Care Corporation

LifePath (formerly Franklin County Home Care Corporation)

LifePath has been working with Western Mass. elders and people with disabilities for over 40 years. Their 150-page static HTML website was a bit of a senior citizen as well, so we completely redesigned and rebuilt the site in Joomla for easy updating.

Special features include an easy-to-use donation component; integrated Google Calendar to display upcoming events; color coding to distinguish the various sections of the site; and a frequently updated blog.

The responsive design is easily accessible from mobile devices, including a low-bandwidth option for slow connections.

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